Moore Canoeing

Introduction for New Students

Let's get to know each other.

Patrick on the GulfYour instructor will be Patrick Moore, founder of the school. After introductions, we'll sit at a table—or out by the water—not counted as part of the instruction time—and discuss exactly what you want to accomplish in canoeing. The possibilities that sport canoeing offers are enormous, and after we know your desires we will tailor your session to meet your exact needs. Whether you are a complete novice or an Olympic gold medalist, you can benefit.

This may seem like a tall order, but the proof is in the pudding, and we often have students who say that they learned more in a an hour or two than they expected to learn in a day. And those kinds of kudos have come from both canoeing novices and ACA Instuctor Trainer Educators, alike. Instructor Trainers, by the way are the instructors who train ACA Instructors, while Instructor Trainer Educators are the instructors who instruct them.

Here's what you'll learn.

If you have never been in a canoe before, you actually may have a more realistic vision of what sport canoeing is really like than if you are more experienced. Complete novices often get their vision of canoeing from seeing a movie like Pocahontas and watching the little Indian girl confidently handle her canoe. Then, one day, they may rent a canoe for the first time, and their Pocahontas image of canoeing is shattered and never restored, but we can restore it and more.

Before getting on the water at Moore Canoeing School, the foremost thought in the minds of most slightly experienced canoeists is, "How do I keep from running into things?" Well, after your first couple of hours in one morning with us, you'll have the answers to that and much more. You'll be able to run your canoe straight and to turn gracefully. A couple of hours more that afternoon, and you'll be sliding up to the shore and stepping out like a pro. You will be a better canoeist than 99.9% of the rest of the world—and that includes Pocahontas!

You may wonder, "If I'll be that good after just one day, what else is there to learn?" We promise that after the first day of canoeing instruction, you will have questions that you couldn't even imagine before. For example, on the second day, you may be cruising along and for the first time your new skills will start to feel natural enough that you don't have to focus on them every instant. You'll look around and notice that Patrick is cruising beside you, two feet away, effortlessly, taking one stroke to your three... You may fitfully wonder, "How the devil does he do that!?" Stick around, and you'll do it, too. You'll learn specialized drills to hone your skills, carve graceful turns, play games, and revel in your canoe.

Anyone can do it.

We have taught students from 4 years old to 80+. We'll recognize your learning style early on, and we will cater to it. We all have different strengths in how we learn. Once, in a class dominated by doers and watchers, one student dismayed all the others when she explained that the only way she could learn anything was through "excess verbiage!"

Not a problem. As you look around this Moore Canoeing School website, you will find no shortage of verbiage. You are welcome to look at it, but it is not necessary. Much of it is reference material for advanced sport canoeists and instructors. When we get to the water, you will get as many or more visual cues and sensory experiences, drills to do and things to think about which will make the rewards of sport canoeing yours to enjoy every moment that you may be on the water and beyond.


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