Moore Canoeing

What to Wear and What to Bring

To make your canoeing experience at the Moore Canoeing School comfortable and safe, check off this list as you pack for your visit.

Clothing for Class

Do Wear

  • loose fitting, fast drying shorts and shirt
  • sneakers or water shoes
  • long pants, fleece top and light jacket if it's cool

Don't Wear

  • denim or other slow drying fabric
  • heavy boots
  • high-top shoes that restrict your ankles

Additional Items to Bring

Do Bring

  • full change of dry clothes including shoes and socks
  • swim suit and towel (advance notice will be given when needed)
  • casual clothing when participating in dinner cruise
  • any necessary medication

Other Items and Equipment

Consider Bringing

  • hat
  • insect repellent
  • eyeglass retainer
  • dry bag
  • water bottle or drink
  • snack
  • lunch provisions
  • rain pants and jacket

Maybe Bring

  • canoe
  • paddle or cue
  • life jacket
The above equipment may be provided if you do not have ready access to an appropriate canoe, paddle or life jacket. Confirm in advance.


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