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The Reverie is the quintessential solo sport canoe. It provides its owners with the inspiration and means for moving upon the water with utmost precision and grace. Most canoes treat canoeing as a means to an end. They are designed to help you negotiate whitewater, or to race from point A to point B, or to transport you to destinations across the water while carrying camping or hunting gear.... In these cases, the pleasure of canoeing for its own sake is secondary, at best. The Reverie, however, treats canoeing as an end in itself. Your canoe is not merely a tool for reaching some destination across the water. It is your destination.
      The unique pleasure that the Reverie offers is an unmatched, sensual freedom and precise control on the water. Think of the Reverie as your personal, aquatic body. It allows you to move upon the water with the kind of freedom and ease that most people can imagine only on land. To own such control and freedom on the water, however, is so extraordinary that it really is not possible to imagine. It must be experienced.
      As unique as the Reverie is, it is not a specialty canoe. For anyone who owns modest canoeing skills, or who is willing to learn, the Reverie is a superior general purpose canoe. Although the purpose of the Reverie is to be your destination on the water, it moves with high efficiency, and, if you wish to travel, the Reverie makes it a joy to go practically any place there is water.
      The Reverie is made in three adult sizes, plus a children's size, the Adventurer. Please see the specifications below. All Reveries include adjustable pedestal seating systems. Pedestals are sized by pant inseam: 25", 28", 31" and 34". Further, the Reverie is made in the two classes of constructions, also outlined below.

2011 NOTE: The Reverie has not been produced since 2001. Moore Canoeing is not offering them for sale at this time. On this page, information out side of this box is from 2001 and is offered here only as a service for present Reverie owners and other canoeists who may be considering the purchase or sale of Reveries on the open market.


REVERIE SERIES Reverie I Reverie II Reverie III Adventurer
Overall Length 11' 10" 12' 6" 13' 2" 10'
Waterline Length 11' 7" 12' 2" 12' 9" 9' 8"
Molded Width 23.5" 25.5" 28.5" 21"
Waterline Width 23" 25" 27" 21"
Bow Height 15.5" 17" 19" 12"
Stern Height 14.5" 15.5" 17" 11"
Depth Amidships 10" 11" 12" 8"
Optimum Capacity (lb.) 105-150 140-210 200-275 55-95
Maximum Efficient Capacity 180 250 320 115
Weight: Ultra-Light Elite (lb.) 19 21 23 -
Journey Weight Elite 25 28 31 -
Classic 27 30 33

Adventurer - - - 21
Cost: Elite (US dollars) 2,495 2,495 2,495 -
Classic 1,495 1,495 1,495 -
Adventurer - - - 895
Optimum Capacity: Within this range the canoe will exhibit its most ideal characteristics: quick responses to your cue and a light feel on the water.
Maximum Efficient Capacity: Very good cruising qualities are maintained up to this weight.


ELITE: Kevlar® and vinylester with a low density bottom core; made in either ultra-light or journey weight. The Elite Reverie is trimmed with laminated white ash gunwales and thwarts, with no apparent fasteners. The Elite Reverie is available in a choice of four colors, Atlantic Blue, Sitka Green, Napa Red, Violet Dawn; custom colors are optional.

CLASSIC: Glass cloth and structural glass core, iso-polyester resin, finished with gel coat inside and out, in a choice of four colors, Atlantic Blue, Sitka Green, Napa Red, Violet Dawn; custom colors are optional. The Classic Reverie is trimmed with laminated ash gunwales and thwarts attached with no apparent fasteners.

For more information about Reverie constructions, Click Here.


Before investing in a Reverie, please understand that achieving the rewards offered by this canoe requires time and practice. Most canoes are designed to accommodate even the most inexperienced canoeists. One consequence of this is that many canoeists who have years of experience often do not develop very advanced skills due to their limited exposure to advanced equipment. For this reason—whether you are a beginner or veteran canoeist—we recommend that you retain professional sport canoeing instruction when investing in a Reverie.
      It takes a while to accustom oneself to the Reverie's responsiveness and liveliness. Once the Reverie is mastered, however, it invariably becomes a canoeist's first choice even among those who own an entire fleet of other canoes.


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