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Reverie Canoe Constructions

Classic and Elite canoe construction choices are not a better/best concept. Each Reverie construction is the best for its respective purpose. Here are more detailed descriptions of Reverie constructions:

Elite constructions are made in two sub-classes: Ultra-Light and delicate, or Journey Weight and quite rugged. In both cases the hulls are made with Kevlar® and glass fabrics and vinylester resins, stiffened with a structural foam core. Gunwales are multiple laminates of white ash, laminated directly to the hull, and the thwarts are attached with no apparent fasteners. All the wood is hand shaped, fine sanded, oiled and rubbed 'til it glows.

The Elite Ultra-Light hull construction includes a Kevlar® laminate with no exterior gelcoat. The exterior finish is a fine glass cloth impregnated with pigmented resin in your choice of color. The interior, however, is finished and protected with a thin gelcoat film. There is no flotation in this hull nor in the Ultra-Light pedestal; therefore, using this canoe requires supreme confidence—or, an extra life jacket for the boat is advised. A universal pedestal (which includes flotation) can be substituted for the Ultra-Light pedestal but weighs 4 pounds instead of 2 pounds. Also for about 2 pounds additional weight, exterior gelcoat may be included. Exterior gelcoat is highly recommended if you do not have a second Reverie to use in circumstances where the hull may be subject to deep scratches. The Elite Ultra-Light Reverie is not only Ultra-Light to handle and use; it is ultra-elegant to view and touch.

The Elite Journey Weight construction is made as above except that it is gelcoated inside and out and is made sturdy enough to forgive the bumps and bangs of heavy use.

Each Elite Reverie is conceived to be a purely functional form with fair, unbroken lines and a seductive finish. If this does not make the canoe "art" it is at least a formula for beauty. The Elite Reverie is sometimes compared to a Brancusi sculpture, and many owners keep them in their living rooms when they are not on the water.

Classic constructions include a variety of hulls made of glass cloth with structural glass cores, gelcoated inside and out and trimmed with laminated white ash similar to the Elite trim. The Classic Reverie weighs a little more than the Elite Journey Weight construction, described above, and is made in four colors: Atlantic Blue, Sitka Green, Napa Red and Violet Dawn.

The Classic Reverie can be customized, and the construction outlined here is only a starting point for specifying a Reverie made to suit your exact needs and desires. For example, the Classic Reverie is made to withstand the occasional bumps and bangs one might expect on a twisting woodland creek or in the riffles of an upland stream, but if you plan to use your Reverie where it will touch little more than water and air, consider letting us make yours a few pounds lighter than the classic so you can enjoy the benefits of easier handling and better performance that a lighter Reverie offers.

At the other extreme, if you feel that you need a more rugged canoe, we can make your Reverie more rugged and weighing a few pounds more than the classic construction.

In the end, many Reverie owners own more than one Reverie. Some have an Ultra-Light Elite for the greatest delight when canoeing unladen in deep water, a Classic construction for everyday use and a Journey Weight Elite or rugged Custom Reverie for difficult waters.

Adventurer construction is unique to the Adventurer, our child's canoe. To keep children's interest in canoeing, it is important for them to have good quality equipment that will respond to their skills. With the Adventurer we have created a handsome, responsive child's canoe for little expense. The hull construction is similar to the Classic Reverie construction, described above. Ash gunwales and thwarts are attached to the hull with no apparent fasteners. A sliding, adjustable child's pedestal is included.

For more information about the Reverie and Adventurer, Click Here.


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