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September 30, 2011: The top menu added to the website today will help navigate the steadily growing content of

September 25, 2011: This morning I opened the canoes section with an initial four pages. I'm not offering canoes for sale at the moment. The information is only to support canoeists who want accurate information about Moore canoes, particularly the Reverie. Much more support information will be added to the section. Next will be a series of design articles I've been preparing. They will reveal the Proem and Reverie as never before.

September 23, 2011: Five pages added. All are linked from the Moore Canoeing School section, so links won't be added here. We're also working on information for the canoes section. We won't be offering canoes any time soon, so the first information will simply be to support people who already own Moore canoes, epecially the Proem and Reverie, our two most pure sport canoes.

September 19-21, 2011: I've continued to stretch my awakening "canoeing muscles" and have made much progress...although not much on this website. A new Bronze Watercourse page has been added 9/19, however...and a School Home Page on 9/21.

August 29, 2011: A contact page has been added. Link is at the bottom of each page. A top menu will be added soon enough.

August 24, 2011: A contact page is next to be added here. This special mention of it is due to an enthusiast's posting of a link to that has generated a fair amount of traffic. Visitors who wish to make contact may return in a few days.

August 15, 2011: Greetings from Moore Canoeing, where we are awakening from a long slumber. There are no big plans here, simply a gentle stretching from a very private life and an invitation to a few folks who happen to stop by and find the idea of sport canoeing to be compelling. Patrick may soon offer some instruction programs on the subject and may also have a new canoe or two up his sleeve.

We'll gradually add a few links here on the home page until the site has enough content to justify some organization and menus. Please stop back.


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